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Sometimes i wanna dye my hair in somebodies blood.

trouble no more

december blue moon

dec 1st Tonight's Full Moon is not the last Full Moon of the month. The Moon will be Full once more on New Year's Eve. December is, therefore, a 'Blue Moon' month. And this won't be just any old ordinary Blue Moon The last Full Moon of the decade will provide a stunning eclipse over Africa and parts of Asia. We can all expect a very special time towards the end of the month - and by that, I don't mean the obvious. If you are hoping that the impossible might become possible the sky would appear to be on your side!


i dig sara teasdale

The Shrine

THERE is no lord within my heart, Left silent as an empty shrine Where rose and myrtle intertwine, Within a place apart.


No god is there of carven stone To watch with still approving eyes My thoughts like steady incense rise; I dream and weep alone.


But if I keep my altar fair, Some morning I shall lift my head From roses deftly garlanded To find the god is there.


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